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Why Choose Awendaw

Simply put this place is filled with natural locations and new homes in the affordable range in various newly built communities. Whether you want to buy a new home or a lot, we have the right solutions.

Awendaw comes under Charleston County and situated between the McClellanville and Mount Pleasant. The Francis Marion National Forest shares an edge with this town. The Sewee Visitor and Environmental Education Center and Cape Romain National Wildlife Refuge is situated here. This fishing town in Charleston County has a population of approximately 1400. The total area is 8.4 square miles. This town is situated under the Charleston-North Charleston-Summerville metropolitan area. Charleston is the biggest city in close proximity to Awendaw.

Blue Crab Festival

For Awendaw citizens, the entire economy is run around crabbing. It is more than just mere hobby for the town’s citizens. The annual Blue Crab festival is the main attraction of this fishing town. At this time, the population of the town swells to almost double due to the constant influx of the tourists and food aficionados.

Find a Home for Sale in Awendaw

Finding the right homes for sale in Awendaw is a task in itself. This small location or fishing town comes under Charleston County. However, the homes are not often easy to find in the crowded Charleston MLS listings. Awendaw Real Estate Guide provides the best homes for sale in Awendaw SC. We have the widest range of houses that include beach community homes, townhomes, condos, single family homes, traditional homes, modern architecture homes and many more.

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