Seabrook Island Real Estate

The place is a few miles from historic Charleston. This is an island that sparkles with natural beauty and home to serene marshes, lush maritime forest and pristine beaches. That’s Seabrook Island where the oceanfront community welcomes you. With the island promising family fun at all times, more and more buyers are making a march to find the dream home that Seabrook Island Real Estate has got to offer.

For the new buyer, the expertise of Charleston Property Experts does a world of good. The experts work closely with new buyers to help them find the ideal property that they have been looking for. The experts help buyers cut a good deal to own a piece of land at the island.

Why push for Seabrook Island Real Estate?

Whether you look upon the island as your permanent residence or a vacation retreat, Seabrook Islands has all the ingredients to make your stay memorable. The residents love this place for one simple reason and that is because Seabrook Island is a caring host providing opportunities for enjoyment all round the year. New buyers flock this destination and that’s because Seabrook Island Real Estate offers a wide range of options.

The island is a golf paradise. The two different golf courses on the island allow enthusiasts to play an enticing game of golf. There are private as well as group instructions provided by PGA professionals. The natural surroundings, championship play and good services ensure that the golf courses exceed the expectations of golfers.

Residents also make a march towards The Seabrook Island Racquet Club. The club is where residents play tennis to their heart’s content. The top quality of the courts here, modern facilities, competitive as well as instructional choices have made the club a smashing hit amid the locals and visitors. There are year round programs that help enthusiasts to take the game to the next level.

Seabrook Island is not short on dining venues, and it is at these venues that locals and visitors tuck into delicacies of their choice, create everlasting memories. There are outdoor and indoor venues to enjoy dinner and lunch. There are venues where parties and special events can be organized. Dining becomes even more special with those spectacular views of the beaches and Atlantic Ocean.

Fitness freaks find all they need to stay fit and healthy. The Lake House Fitness & Wellness Center allows residents to indulge in a variety of activities. There are swimming classes and exercise classes that help enthusiasts to stay fit at all times. The fitness space includes everything from adaptive motion trainers, treadmills, rowing machines and recumbent bikes.

The Seabrook Equestrian Center is another attraction at the island. The center boasts of riding amenities including a lunging pen, a limestone arena, trails as well as beach access. The center also offers lessons for beginners as well as enthusiasts craving to master advanced jumping. Bird watching is a pleasurable activity at the island. At the Seabrook island, bird watchers can spot more than 80 bird species including birds like bald eagle that are considered to be endangered birds.

When it comes to shopping, residents make their way to the Freshfields Village. The village has a Farmer’s market and the shops here cater to the varied needs of the locals. There are outdoor movies, art shows, live music and other events that lure the attention of locals as well as visitors.

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