James Island Real Estate

Staying close to downtown Charleston, James Island keeps its residents happy and engaged. Those lured by water and the laid-back atmosphere find James Island an ideal place to live. This residential haven is also an alluring destination for new buyers. The mild climate, attractions and the friendly community make this place a sought destination amid new buyers.

This island has charmed new buyers in the past, and it continues to attract buyers who come looking for their dream home. As the demand for James Island Real Estate goes up, you need Charleston Property Experts by your side to narrow down your options, and find your dream home.

What makes James Island an alluring destination?

James Island is surrounded by Wappoo Cut, Charleston Harbor, Folly River and the Stono River. With water in the surroundings, the island is a popular destination for shrimping and fishing. For locals who favor outdoor activities, James Island has a lot to offer. Without leaving the island, enthusiasts get involved in boating, kayaking, rock climbing, fishing and other activities.

The James Island County Park is popular among the locals and visitors. It draws visitors from the neighboring areas and hosts spectacular events. The event that excites the locals is the Festival of Lights. The festival has earned reputation for its spectacular light display, which is a visual feast to the onlooker. The park is also known for its campgrounds, Water Park and other amenities and the park allows visitors to make the most of their leisure time. The spray and play fountain areas at the park excite the kids and adults can explore the paved trails and indulge in saltwater-fishing at the park.

If you are a foodie, you have the much needed variety to sample. Whether you are longing to dig into a pizza, hamburgers or delicious sea food, there are restaurants that serve lip smacking varieties. Quaint antique shopping awaits you at the island and shopping is not an ordeal at this island. You can come across local stores as well as some big chain stores. If you are keen going on a shopping spree, downtown Charleston provides many opportunities and keeps you engaged all day. More importantly, it takes minutes for someone to reach downtown Charleston.

Golfers set their sight on Charleston Municipal Golf Course. This 18-hole golf course not only excites the golfer but also paves way for challenging experiences. There’s more to do at this island. Locals never hesitate to take trip to the Folly Beach and the drive down the Folly Road is a trip taken to get soaked in memorable experiences. The drive allows the locals to explore great food, exotic beaches and meet unique people.

The island does not disappoint the students. There are reputed public schools here that provide top class education and nurture future citizens.

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