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General Information about Moncks Corner

Moncks Corner is situated to the south of Lake Moultrie in Berkeley County, South Carolina. Indigenous people settled here thousands of years ago and historically the area is known to be home to Edisto people. Refugees from religious persecutions in France settled here in the late 1600s. The town got its name from Thomas Monck who made this town as a trading post in the early 1700s. Major boost, however, came when in the late 1800s, the Northeastern Railroad tracks were laid near the community. This bought significant business to the area and the town slowly built itself into a municipality in the year 1885. The train depot was where all the action was concentrated. Just like nearby communities, this Southern town has all the bells and whistles expected from a historic small southern town. You will love the Zen like calm and would want to visit more often. The historic ‘Train Depot’ still attracts many visitors annually. You can collect souvenirs from the nearby gift shop and get more information from the visitor’s center. Mepkin Abbey, a small monastery located in the town is a must see place. There are many local restaurants to satisfy your taste buds. Grab a bite from many locally sourced delicacies that will surely tingle your gastronomic desires. Take a tour down the shopping lane filled with many small shops to buy some southern items. Visitors come back often to enjoy the Southern charm presented by this town.

Geography and Demographics.

Located in the heart of Berkeley County, Moncks Corner boundary touches the Copper River’s west branch and south outlet of Lake Moultrie. The primary access is through U.S. Route 52 which further connects it to Charleston and Florence. South Carolina Highway 6 provides further local connectivity. The total area is 7.4 square miles and water makes up for 1.8%. The population of town is close to 7000 residents with approximately 1600 families. The town is a healthy mix of various ethnicities. The median income stands at $31,711 which is close to the national average. Per capita income, however, is low at $15,202. Moncks Corner Homes for Sale

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