Wadmalaw Island Homes for Sale

Homes for sale in Wadmalaw Island are the right combination between nature, lifestyle and life. This gem on South Carolina map has many great properties. And Wadmalaw Island Real Estate Guide can help you make the most out of every good deal out there. We are the leading real estate guide and consultant on Wadmalaw Island and lowcountry in general.

What Makes Wadmalaw Island Tick

Wadmalaw Island is situated on South Carolina's central coast. To the southwest lies the Edisto Island and John’s island lies to the northeast. As per locals, the island has the most untouched natural regions of South Carolina and presents a serene picture of natural beauty. The rural meandering roads coupled with well planned communities make this a perfect place to raise your family. The woodlands, farms and marshes all make for the picture perfect settings.

Wadmalaw Island can be classified as rural economy with most of the activities centered on crabbing, fishing, farming and shrimping. This means that farm fresh markets are a big thing here. No wonder the area is popular among Charleston and Berkeley counties as the right place for fresh farm produce. Total area of this island is 108 square miles and estimated population is around 2700.

Church Creek is connected to Wadmalaw Island through a newly constructed bridge. Bohicket Creek borders to the north-east and Edisto River to the north of this island. With so beautiful surroundings, you can imagine the area’s potential as a natural scenic location. Many Charleston residents can be seen enjoying weekends on Wadmalaw Island.

Little History of Wadmalaw Island

Captain Robert Sandford landed here with his crew in 1666 and took up an excursion on the Bohicket Creek. They undertook the Turf and Twig ritual and claimed the land for England. Around 1670, approximately 150 colonists settles on the Ashley River west bank and these were the people who later moved to Charleston and started a city later.

The area is better known for its tea plantations, a first of a kind initiative in the local area. In 1960, Lipton Tea Company set up an experimental farm which has now graduated into a well-known tea plantation. Its renowned brand is the American Classic Tea and Sam's Choice Instant Tea. Since 1987, American Classic Tea has been the official tea brand of White House. It was closed in 2003 and now only some part of the area remains in working condition. Tours are available to see the tea plantation in action. This is the last tea farm in America that is still in operation.

Wadmalaw Island is now home to a sweet flavored Vodka, Firefly. It has gained popularity throughout the United States due to its cultural significance and recognizable flavor. The favorable climatic conditions and the rich soil of the area has supported many generations of families and farms. There are many u-pick family farms plus other locally sponsored agricultural initiatives.

New Built Homes for Sale in Wadmalaw Island

Homes for sale in Wadmalaw Island are usually newly built and in pristine condition. These are large parcels of land and may also include farm houses. These sprawling parcels of land not only let you add additions but also let you practice some farming. One of the characteristic features of this area is no busy lanes – just plain old lanes with friendly neighbors.

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